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Is the metaverse excitement over? 

Feb 10 2023

Is the metaverse excitement over? Last year it seemed as though just about every brand was entering virtual worlds on a weekly basis, but recently the buzz has died down. Google Trends, which tracks searches, noticed that the term metaverse peaked around the time when Mark Zuckerberg officially adopted Meta and since then, the number of searches is back down to what they were prior. What changed? Generative artificial intelligence basically stole the metaverse’s thunder. The promises around the metaverse ultimately were made too soon and now the popularity of AI tech like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 (which are quickly being adapted by Gen Z and Millennials) is taking over. Nonetheless, metaverse spaces that exist for gaming are still popular for these gensRoblox and Minecraft are here to stay for Gen Z and Gen Alpha. (Fast Company)