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Gen Z and Millennial wine pros are weighing in on how to save the industry.

Feb 10 2023

Gen Z and Millennial wine pros are weighing in on how to save the industry. Among some of the most pertinent suggestions, Gen Z and Millennial wine experts say that embracing social media, making wine more affordable, and being both relatable and inclusive are fool-proof methods to reaching young consumers like them. But some of the not-so-obvious suggestions involve creating fun experiences for young adults by reducing the snobbery around wine culture. (Something YPulse has been saying for a long time). We know these gens are more inclined to react positively to brands who don’t take themselves too seriously. One Millennial says to explore non-traditional tasting experiences and to “get creative with the menu venue, show them something delicious from where the wine is from, touch on an additional sense by bringing in music or art and introduce them to people who made the wine!” Plus, as their sober curiosity flourishes, these new drinkers may be more interested in wines with lower ABV levels. (Wine Mag)