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Long COVID is affecting young workers’ livelihoods. 

Feb 09 2023

Long COVID is affecting young workers’ livelihoods. According to the CDC, “at least 1 in 13 adults in the [U.S.] have long COVID, meaning their symptoms have persisted for more than at least three months. A recent NYSIF study of over 3K established COVID-related worker’s compensation claims in New York, “71% of people who reported having long COVID were unable to work for six months or more or they needed continuous medical treatment.” Further, 18% didn’t return to work after over a year away, and 75% of these long COVID sufferers are under the age of 60. The emotional and physical damage is making it extremely difficult for young workers, especially those just entering the workforce. Symptoms like chronic fatigue, daily headaches, and heart-related issues are most common. Regardless of what young workers are going through, YPulse’s Employment and Career Goals report data shows that 64% Gen Z and Millennials say flexible work hours and the ability to work from anywhere is extremely important to them. (Self)