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YouTube is launching a new college credit program. 

Jan 27 2023

YouTube is launching a new college credit program. College Foundations, created in collaboration with Arizona State University and educational video company Crash Course, will allow users to take intro level classes on the platform for real college credit, including Intro to Human Communication, Rhetoric and Composition, Real World College Math, and U.S. History up to 1865. Courses start this Spring, and students will be able to sign up for without needing to share their GPA or submit a formal application. The credits received are eligible for transfer to colleges. Although it’s not free, “there is a $25 fee if a student elects to sign up and begin coursework, and a $400 fee to receive college credit for each course,” it’s significantly less than tuition for other institutions. YPulse’s Education report data shows that 58% of Gen Z feel a college degree is extremely / very valuable in terms of their future success, and more are looking for alternatives to the traditional college experience. (TechCrunch)