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Sol de Janeiro has Gen Z in a dessert-scented chokehold. 

Jan 26 2023

Sol de Janeiro has Gen Z in a dessert-scented chokehold. YPulse told you how niche TikTok subcultures have been boosting sales for products since the app’s creation—and beauty trends beyond makeup and skincare are proving to be popular, too. The hashtag #SoldeJaneiro has over 251M views on TikTok and they’ve gained over 100K followers in December alone. The brand is mainly known for their iconic Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream which “famously smells like vanilla, pistachio and salted caramel.” Social media catapulted their success and #PerfumeTok frequently features the brand in their “if you want to smell like ____” videos. It’s now become a goal for Gen Z to collect each of the brands’ body scrubs, lotions, hair oils, deodorants, and other scented products. (Glossy)