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Most don’t really care about “the metaverse.” 

Jan 14 2023

Most don’t really care about “the metaverse.” A recent BlueLabel study of over 1K 18-84-year-olds found that over half (52%) of respondents say they “don’t engage in the metaverse in any fashion.” Of the metaverse platforms used, only 1.5% reported using HorizonWorld while MinecraftFortnite, and Roblox are the top three spots in that order. The study concluded that nobody really cares about the metaverse unless it’s a game. Last year, YPulse’s own metaverse research found that for Gen Z and Millennials the metaverse already exists in the virtual world games they’re spending tons of time playing, but the term “metaverse” isn’t something that most understand, and newer virtual world platforms that don’t have the gaming attraction built in are not popular. (Yahoo Finance)