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Social media-driven makeup brand Morphe is closing all of their U.S. stores. 

Jan 11 2023

Social media-driven makeup brand Morphe is closing all of their U.S. stores. The brand is known by Gen Z and Millennials for their mass social media push on YouTube that began several years ago. OG (now controversial) beauty gurus James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, and Jeffree Star were star partners with the brand and brought Morphe tons of hype in 2018-19, but since then, the brand has “severed ties with them after Star was accused of using racist language in 2020 and allegations of sexual misconduct plagued Charles in 2021.” Ultimately, the situation is showing that brands shouldn’t bet everything on social media stars. That said, influencer partnerships are still vital for the industry: YPulse research shows that beauty/personal care products are the top items that young consumers have purchased after learning about them from an online celeb. In addition, brick-and-mortar footprints are risky for newer beauty brands as over half of young people tell YPulse they purchase their beauty products from big box stores. (Fortune)