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Melanin in Motion is a program teaching BIPOC kids how to snowboard. 

Jan 10 2023

Melanin in Motion is a program teaching BIPOC kids how to snowboard. The Minneapolis organization is offering affordable and accessible lessons for BIPOC children taught by BIPOC instructors. Co-founder Anthony Taylor explains that while it might seem inaccessible to some, the reality is that snowboarding can be learned on any hill and they’re located, “Right in the same neighborhood as the highest concentration of African American, Hmong, Latinx and Indigenous kids in the state probably…You can learn to snowboard five minutes from your house.” Twelve-year-old William Harkness has gone from student to teacher and marvels over the program’s success, saying they’re working hard to “make it so all types and all colors, shapes and sizes can be all out and shredding and stuff.” YPulse’s Sports and Athletics report data shows that over half of BIPOC Gen Z and Millennials participate in sports with their friends, which is helping community building programs like Melanin in Motion reach more students. (CBS News)