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Eliminating the pay gap between Black and White content creators depends on transparency. 

Jan 10 2023

Eliminating the pay gap between Black and White content creators depends on transparency. It’s well-known at this point that Black influencers are regularly offered far less in compensation than their White counterparts when working with brands, with a 2021 studying finding a 35% pay gap. Jackie Aina, who has over 3.5 million subscribers, has been open about the pay disparity she has come across as a Black creator, detailing one case where what a brand offered her compared to a White creator “was the difference between car down payment and house down payment.” Having a manager and/or agency to represent them can be a “gamechanger” for Black creators in terms of getting the pay they deserve, but those who do not are most often relying on their fellow creators to find out what they should be asking for. But White creators being transparent about their pay is also essential. TikToker Victoria Paris posted about “the systemic racism in influencing and gifting” last October, going viral for calling out the “career handicap” created by PR agents and brands’ preferential treatment of White creators. And ultimately, White creators openly sharing how much they make is the only way that Black creators can know what they’re missing out on. (Insider)