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Black Twitter is hilariously remixing excerpts from Prince Harry’s memoir Spare. 

Jan 10 2023

Black Twitter is hilariously remixing excerpts from Prince Harry’s memoir Spare. The British Prince has been unabashedly oversharing the innerworkings of the royal family to the press and in his book. Each new excerpt revealed is a gold mine to the internet and Black Twitter has begun remixing some of the stories Harry has shared, giving his press tour even more of a spotlight. Twitter user Hanna Phifer started impersonating BBC News, mocking Harry’s “revelations” when she tweeted, “In his forthcoming memoir, Prince Harry writes about seeing Meghan in a bonnet for the first time. ‘From that moment, I knew I wanted to protect her the way satin protects her afro hair.’” Another reads, “In his forthcoming memoir, Harry talks about a conversation about deciding on Archie’s name. ‘[William] asked: ‘Are you going to name hi[m] Daquan?’” (Huff Post)