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Gen Z is getting rid of the fear around résumé gaps. 

Jan 06 2023

Gen Z is getting rid of the fear around résumé gaps. In the past, Millennials felt the need to explain blanks in their career, but Gen Z is changing the narrative, breaking the stigma around résumé gaps and turning them into a more common and positive life event. A LinkedIn survey found that 62% of workers had taken a career break at some point, but while the majority of workers are taking gaps, they’re still having to pay for them. For example, research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that “workers with the most employment gaps experienced up to 40% lower wages later in life compared with workers without gaps” and “women, Black men, those with less education, and those living in poverty by age 22 were the most likely to have résumé gaps — and therefore lower wages — throughout their lives.” Now, Gen Z is shifting the power dynamics and are unafraid to take time for their mental health, learn new skills, or travel. (Business Insider)