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Landing is the new Pinterest for Gen Z—and it’s growing fast. 

Jan 04 2023

Landing is the new Pinterest for Gen Z—and it’s growing fast. While the vision board social platform is Pinterest-esque, it’s luring a ton of young users because it fosters more of a community rather than individual interests. Gen Z users are creating multiple vision boards a week on the site and Gen Z women “make up somewhere between 80 to 90% of Landing’s user base.” Landing’s Millennial founders plan on turning the platform into a mobile app early this year so more users can easily access its creative (and shoppable) vision boards that showcase everything from New Year’s goals to fictional wedding with Harry Styles. Creating a vision board has become Gen Z’s way of “making a list of goals, journaling, or writing oneself an encouraging note. By positioning the boards side by side, Landing is encouraging “a visual discussion thread of its users’ plans, worries, and dreams for the future. Even when users don’t share a common culture or language, bonding becomes inevitable.” (Business Insider)