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Snapchat is giving away $125K in this month’s holiday themed challenges. 

Dec 05 2022

Snapchat is giving away $125K in this month’s holiday themed challenges. In October, the social platform awarded $100K through their Halloween-themed Spotlight Challenges and this month they’re upping the stakes. Participants can enter across 16 different challenges that cover a variety of holiday themed topics like showing off their #ChristmasDecor, sharing their #HolidayHacks, demonstrate their best #GingerbreadHouse, #CharcuterieBoard, their best gifts ideas like #WhiteElephant or #UglySweaters, and share their favorite traditions under #BestHolidaySpot and #MyHolidayMovie. Three to four challenges will be posted on Snapchat’s Spotlights each week. YPulse’s Social and Mobile Marketing Preferences report data shows that about a quarter of Gen Z and Millennials like to see viral challenges sponsored by brands. (Tubefilter)