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Black Twitter has been throwing a funeral for the platform. 

Nov 30 2022

Black Twitter has been throwing a funeral for the platform. As Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter went into effect, users began to worry about the future of the app, and of course, posting jokes about it. Designer and active Twitter user Mikki Veal joined the fray, posting an image one would usually see at a “homegoing service”—the bird logo over clouds with the text, “Celebrating the Life of Twitter: 2006 – Bitch, it’s comin…” That post, which has over 9K likes, kicked off a funeral “celebration” discussing who would be bringing what dish to the service, who would be doing the eulogy, what everyone would wear, and plenty more dark humor under #TwitterFuneral and #RIPTwitter. According to Veal, “the site has become more than a social media platform—it’s been a healthy escape from a sometimes harsh reality. The idea of Twitter, more specifically Black Twitter, becoming obsolete brought a lot of heavy feelings. But not too heavy to laugh about.” (Essence)