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Parasocial relationships on social media are giving more power to influencers.

Nov 11 2022

Parasocial relationships on social media are giving more power to influencers. A parasocial relationship refers to when a one-sided emotional relationship develops typically for a celebrity, influencer, or even fictional character (i.e., Edward Cullen). YPulse’s Celebrities and Influencers report data shows that Gen Z has higher regard for online influencers than traditional celebrities—and new research published in Acta Psychologica shows that parasocial relationships “can heighten the persuasive power of social media influencers by increasing their credibility.” The study also reveals that the more interest social media users express in a certain topic, the more likely it is they will have parasocial feelings for influencers in that field. Plus, an influencer’s number of followers has no correlation to parasocial relationships; users develop these feelings for creators who they feel “get them” and can relate to them, which creators who have low following often do. (PsyPost)