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Sun Moon Rising is a new Hasbro game targeting astrology lovers. 

Nov 03 2022

Sun Moon Rising is a new Hasbro game targeting astrology lovers. The first-of-its-kind astrological party game begs the question: “does your sign know you better than your friends do?” The recently acquired game was created by Millennials Emily Nichol and Priya Gill and is based on when they used to host parties during college where they’d read each of their friends’ zodiac charts. The object involves getting rid of your cards first, and while the game details are lengthy, the idea is that each player uses cards that count as a vote toward another player’s zodiac sign behavior. For example, one card may state “I’ve asked to speak with the manager” and players can vote that an Aries would most likely have done that. The winners ultimately prove that they know their friends best. YPulse’s Religion and Spirituality report shows that Gen Z females participate in astrological practices the most—and more brands have been tapping the genre. (Bustle)