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Studio cutbacks could seriously set back diversity in Hollywood. 

Nov 01 2022

Studio cutbacks could seriously set back diversity in Hollywood. In the wake of increased production costs and economic uncertainty, entertainment giants like Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery have been making cuts to staff and programming—but these money-saving measures could have massively damaging impacts on diversity and inclusion on screen. According to the annual UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report, “Diversity initiatives traditionally are the first to be cut or sacrificed when there are economic downturns.” From BIPOC executives losing their roles to diverse shows being shelved, diversity in media is being threatened. The report also discovered that shows with BIPOC creators regularly receive smaller budgets than those created by White men. People of color are still underrepresented “behind the camera” and onscreen representation of Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) and Native lead actors is still lacking,” despite the fact that shows with diverse casts generally have higher viewership and engagement. YPulse’s TV and Entertainment research shows that 66% of all young consumers agree “More TV shows / movies should star non-White actors / actresses.”  (Huffington Post)