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Oreo Thins and Microsoft 365 are urging burnt-out employees to take a snack break. 

Oct 26 2022

Oreo Thins and Microsoft 365 are urging burnt-out employees to take a snack break. On a special landing page, consumers are directed to enter their names and emails to receive a “Thinvite” to take a fifteen minute snack break from November 1st-3rd. The event will block time on their calendars reminding them to take the snack break and will also include a link to a Microsoft Teams event that’ll feature a puppy-filled video. The partnership is also releasing a “limited-edition Snack Break Expansion Cookie pack that comes with Oreo Thins and a dunking tool modeled after Microsoft’s original office assistant” and even Oreo themed emojis to use on Teams. YPulse research shows that Gen Z and Millennials are opening up more about their mental health in the workplace, which includes talking about burnout; and since there’s been a recent boom in the snacking industry, the partnership is aimed at tackling work-related stress. After all, our research also shows that young workers say that they’re more likely to take a job if one of the benefits includes free snacks. (Marketing Dive)