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Will the U.K. become the first four-day working week country in the world? 

Oct 20 2022

Will the U.K. become the first four-day working week country in the world? The U.K. is considering setting an unprecedented four-day week as the new legal norm for companies. After a successful nationwide experimentation conducted last summer among 3300 employees across the country, the U.K. is wondering if it is time to turn the test into a long-term plan. Although the bill is unlikely to receive the green light from Parliament, it reveals a general push toward greater flexibility in the workplace and better work / life balance. YPulse’s WE What’s Next for Work Report found that 93% of young Europeans think having a job that gives them a good work / life balance is important. And with Gen Z and Millennials fueling The Great Resignation in Western Europe, companies will have to be more creative to make young workers want to stay—from therapy sessions to appointing Mood Officers, and keeping an eye on the 4-day week trend. (Euronews)