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Most young moms are struggling with anxiety.

Oct 14 2022

Most young moms are struggling with anxiety.It’s often said “it takes a village to raise a child,” but young moms are not feeling they have that kind of support. Between everything from family finances and inflation, to making sure their kids reach important milestones, 64% of Millennial moms say they’re experiencing some anxiety, and one third say it’s moderate or severe. These levels of stress are even higher in younger Gen Z moms, who are more worried about being a perfect parent. And because half of moms say they have no “village” (i.e. friends or family) outside their partner,  67% “are also feeling pressure to be home more to watch and guide their children’s developmental and emotional progress.” Significantly more Millennial moms (35%) than dads (4%) left the workforce during COVID to be a stay at home parent, and YPulse data shows 16% of Millennial moms say they’re not currently working and haven’t had a job for the past year, while only 5% of Millennial dads say the same. While 90% of Millennial moms agree there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, that doesn’t mean expectations aren’t hitting them hard. (what to expect)