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A new Bumble feature is making the gamification of dating real.

Oct 14 2022

A new Bumble feature is making the gamification of dating real. Dating app Bumble has a new way to grab U.K. consumers: speed-dating. The feature allows users to join the app on a designated day and time to engage in brief chats, before seeing a photo of one another. Members can then choose to continue the conversation by matching. The blind-date feature entices users through a “play game” button to get started, and asks them to stick to the rules of “keeping it respectful” and “not asking about looks” to continue. YPulse found that young Europeans are increasingly using dating apps for entertainment, and “just for fun, to pass the time” is the main reason Gen Z and Millennials are using dating apps. Bumble has managed to keep up with the dating trends while combining it with another big passion of young Europeans: gaming. The vast majority of young Europeans (94%) play video games, an activity that has only increased during the pandemic to become a favorite pastime of 13-39-year-olds. (TechCrunch)