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West Elm is taking over Roblox with a huge digital furniture collection. 

Oct 07 2022

West Elm is taking over Roblox with a huge digital furniture collection. Teased earlier this year, West Elm has finally entered the metaverse with a plethora of digital products, avatar clothing, and accessories, and of course mini-games. Roblox users will be able to “customize their virtual homes with more than 150 digital versions of physical West Elm products,” including furniture, lighting, and garden accessories. They can even wear and collect t-shirts, bags, and hats for their avatars. West Elm’s virtual space will also include minigames, obstacle courses, selfie opportunities, and let users “engage in other activities that will yield them tokens, prizes and giveaways.” We know that home decor has gone digital for Millennials and both Gen Z and Millennials are really into creating comfortable spaces, and now the future of home design / inspo might stem from Roblox. (MarketingDive)