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The pandemic has shifted Millennials’ kids core values and emotional priorities. 

Oct 06 2022

The pandemic has shifted Millennials’ kids core values and emotional priorities. According to data from The Family Room, the uncertainty of the pandemic has caused kids across the cultural spectrum to adopt similar values, a phenomenon the research agency calls “multicultural melding.” Whereas kids from different races, ethnicities, and nationalities used to have varying relationships to things such as familiarity and agency, the past three years have seen the values of the next generation become increasingly similar. Now, young Gen Z has become more interested in “being surrounded by familiar things and people,” less dependent on external validation, and are generally more positive. As the long tail of the pandemic continues to shape younger generations, their priorities and interests will continue to shift. But for now, brands and content creators should focus on reaching young Gen Z with messaging that affirms their newfound values. (Kidscreen)