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Millennial parents should build “nurturing habits” to raise strong Gen Alpha kids. 

Sep 29 2022

Millennial parents should build “nurturing habits” to raise strong Gen Alpha kids. How can Millennial parents help their kids become strong and resilient? The answer—according to this University of Chicago pediatrician—lies in two words: “nurturing routines.” Building a routine means creating habits that are repeated daily, and that will create a sentiment of comfort and reassurance for the children. Millennial parents wanting to build these “nurturing routines” should do the following: 1. Always encourage dialogue with their children when practicing the habits, 2. Explain the reason behind them, and 3. Be consistent and try to stick as much as possible to the routine. Developing healthy habits will eventually lead children to “being equipped to navigate the unexpected,” a key strength for the world Gen Alpha will grow up in. YPulse data shows that Millennial parents turn online when looking for parenting advice, with TikTok becoming one of the hotspots for parental guidance and tips, sometimes leading to heated and politically charged debates. (CNBC)