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A dad on Reddit is tired of getting overpraised for parenting. 

Sep 29 2022

A dad on Reddit is tired of getting overpraised for parenting. While moms are often criticized for, well, anything and everything when it comes to parenting, dads are often praised just for showing up—and one dad is sick of it. In a post on a parenting subreddit, a dad of a 3-year-old wrote that he loves spending time with his son, but that doing so causes people to comment on what a good father he is or to “imply that I as a father do this as some sort of novelty.” In the nearly hundred comments on the post, moms and dads alike chime in to agree that the standards placed on moms and dads are unfair, with one mom stating, “as a mother who feels like people never appreciate her effort, I appreciate you! It’s so tough when society is so gendered and think mom raises the kids, dad works.” (SheKnows)