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Gen Z’s travel mindset involves being totally immersed in unique locations. 

Sep 29 2022

Gen Z’s travel mindset involves being totally immersed in unique locations. For the generation who grew up with the internet, seeing fun, exotic locations beyond the typical family beach trip or annual camping extravaganza is much more appealing to them. Gen Z has virtually traveled all over the globe thanks to Instagram-worthy pics of destinations like Bora Bora and Ibiza. Because of this, they’re looking for wildly adventurous travel opportunities that offer authentic local experiences, safe transportation, as well as packages and amenities that allow cost-sharing options. More importantly, Gen Z will “only support hospitality companies that align with their values, including supporting diversity and inclusion, carbon-friendly footprints and investment in local communities.” YPulse’s Travel report shows that post-pandemic, Gen Z is looking to be more adventurous and global travel is a top priority. (Travel Daily Media)