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In alignment with “quiet quitting,” Gen Z workers are adamant about “acting their wage.” 

Sep 27 2022

In alignment with “quiet quitting,” Gen Z workers are adamant about “acting their wage.” The gen’s philosophy revolves around keeping their identity separate from work and “no[t] feeling the need to go above and beyond.” One Gen Z worker who makes $13 an hour “doesn’t see any incentive to do more than is required to keep her job.” This especially holds true with inflation rising and for Gen Z workers who are getting paid so little that they’re below the poverty line. Gen Z is more inclined to “act their wage” than other generations who were told to put their mental health, physical health, and other personal things aside when it came to work. But as Gen Z sees these things as a priority, and a form of self care, they’re only going to do as much as they can for the money they’re being given. YPulse research shows that some of the workplace trends Gen Z is fueling involve having more discussions about their mental health. (Business Insider)