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Adidas is partnering with SOUL CAP to ensure inclusivity in swimming. 

Sep 27 2022

Adidas is partnering with SOUL CAP to ensure inclusivity in swimming. YPulse’s Sport and Athletics report data shows that only 7% of Black Gen Z and Millennials participated in swimming/diving within the last year—and that could have a lot to do with accessibility. But, the Adidas and SOUL CAP collab is aiming to provide competitive swimmers with a new cap designed for swimmers with “long or voluminous hair in a range of sizes, for adults and children.” Typically, swim caps are a one-size-fits-all deal, making it difficult for various hair types and styles to fit in, and in 2017, SOUL CAP began solving this issue with their caps that are made for all. This week, the light green cap went live on Adidas’ site and is featured alongside last summer’s swimwear collection that showcases more inclusive sizing and styles. The brand is putting more emphasis on ensuring that water sports are accessible to everyone. (Adidas News)