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Gen Z’s “indie sleaze” trend is keeping the iconic Hard Rock t-shirt in style. 

Sep 15 2022

Gen Z’s “indie sleaze” trend is keeping the iconic Hard Rock t-shirt in style. Fashion lovers and Gen Z trend setters are getting sick of the clean girl aesthetic—and now they’re reviving old favorites (think 2014 Tumblr). YPulse’s Fits For The Feed trend research shows that 13% of young people consider themselves part of the grunge aesthetic and more are jumping in on the #IndieSleaze look, which has 37 million views on TikTok. According to Depop’s trend manager, “the popularity of the Hard Rock tee can be attributed to the rise of ‘indie sleaze’…as we navigate a cultural mindset shift toward the hipster era, people are taking the ironic elements of trends like ‘tourist kistch,’ which is essentially wearing merch from popular destinations around the world, and styling it in a performatively vintage and mashed-up way.” To Gen Z, the Hard Rock t-shirt is less about the design and more about the overall classic rock, vintage Americana vibes it gives off. (FashionistaHarper’s Bazaar)