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TikTok is over Stranger Things—and they’re blaming cosplayers. 

Sep 07 2022

TikTok is over Stranger Things—and they’re blaming cosplayers. Gen Z’s favorite app is a platform meant to attract and celebrate niche communities and their content, but according to users, the Stranger Things fandom has gone a little too far. Following the series’ fourth season, a growing number of cosplayers flocked to the app to show off their acting portrayals of Steve and the widely popular Eddie Munson. Their HellFire Club shirts and mullet wigs filmed under the audio “Chrissy wake up!” had fans turning on the series claiming, “new fans are ruining the show” and “cosplay is so cringe.” While cosplay has been around for decades, TikTok’s algorithm was circulating the Stranger Things content maybe a tad too much. The app’s audios can be especially repetitive and addictive, but in this case might have overwhelmed fans’ FYPs. YPulse’s Clicking on Community trend report data shows over a third of Gen Z and Millennials are a part of a TV series fandom. (Rolling Stone)