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Hot Pockets is tapping gamers for their new creators contest. 

Aug 22 2022

Hot Pockets is tapping gamers for their new creators contest. Gaming activations like Denny’s “pancake drop” and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Twitch appearances have become a marketing must, and now Hot Pockets is joining in with their new One20 platform and contest. Creators can enter the One20 Contest via Twitter by uploading a two-minute video talking about what they do using the hashtag #One20Contest. The contestants will be scored based on creativity and personality by a panel of judges including professional esports commentator and host Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez. Hot Pockets plans on rewarding 12 winners with gaming and tech prizes over the next year (one winner will be announced each month). The Nestlé brand has pledged over $100K to go towards their rewards and will grant each winner the opportunity to become a brand ambassador. YPulse’s Gaming report shows that 96% of young consumers play video games in some capacity; so it’s important for brands to prioritize creators’ voices to win over young consumers in the spaces they game the most. (Marketing Dive)