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Millennials grew up with the Internet—but now they’re aging out of it. 

Aug 09 2022

Millennials grew up with the Internet—but now they’re aging out of it. Millennials are being even more cheugy and easy to spot online with the coined “Millennial Pause,” a term given to those who have an awkward pause at the start of a video to check if it’s recording. Those who are 30+ are succumbing to the pause and are called out by Gen Z who are accustomed to recording themselves on short-form video platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. (The younger gen is so confident in their recording knowledge that they don’t need to check if they pressed the record button.) “Millennial Pause” is unfortunately not the only giveaway of age, their overall mannerisms are becoming “so cringe” to Gen Z, and are the force behind many mocking memes. Millennials’ internet quirks and sayings like “I did a thing,” “doggo,” and “I can’t even” are simply outdated. YPulse’s Gen Z 101: Gen Z vs. Millennials report shows the defining differences between each gen as well as their online behaviors. (The Atlantic)