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Gen Z doesn’t have a dream job because they don’t dream of work.

Aug 01 2022

Gen Z doesn’t have a dream job because they don’t dream of work. Young people today are not searching for life-long careers, instead they’re looking at jobs through the lens of a life chapter, as in they’re ready to build experiences and move on to better themselves as individuals, not as a company’s employee. Gen Z and Millennials are demanding more from their employers; they want “transparency, respect, empathy, sustainability, and support for continued growth and development.” As the most diverse generation, Gen Z is also expecting real diversity and inclusion efforts from leadership. The new generation of workers are “[u]nburdened by legacy commitments and unwilling to wait for the world to change on its own,” so when they enter a new job, they more likely than not have plans to move on to pursue passion projects and other forms of self-discovery. YPulse’s Employment and Career Goals report found 42% of Gen Z say starting their own company is extremely/very important to them. (Fast Company)