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We Met in Virtual Reality is the world’s first documentary “filmed” entirely in VR.

Jul 28 2022

We Met in Virtual Reality is the world’s first documentary “filmed” entirely in VR. Pioneered by Joe Hunting, who has a background in VR-based films, We Met in Virtual Reality is based on Hunting’s observations of VRChat-based subcultures where he recorded users’ interactions. By using an in-game camera to film, the feature is set apart from video game streaming uploads that are typically from screen recordings, and allowed the film to be shot more like a documentary. The deep dive into the metaverse realm, which is available to stream on HBO Max, shines a light on an optimistic future. YPulse’s most recent article explores how media brands are blurring the lines between gaming and other content, but clearly “traditional” entertainment is infiltrating gaming as well. (HyperAllergic)