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Parents need more help with their kids’ content control.

Jul 28 2022

Parents need more help with their kids’ content control. According to Kids Industries, almost a quarter (23%) of U.S. and U.K. parents with kids ages 5-15-years-old don’t make use of any parental controls despite expressing concerns that their children are increasingly spending more time on their devices. The survey found that 78% of kids spend time watching TV, as well as content on their mobile devices, but “Just 14% of parents said they use a dedicated paid app/software to manage child access to smartphones, and 19% use a dedicated free app/software.” More than half of parents surveyed say their main reasoning behind using controls is to prevent their kids from seeing any violent, dangerous, or inappropriate content. YPulse research shows that 43% of Millennial parents have given their child a phone and while the majority of are worried about their kids’ spending too much time on screens, the convenience of being able to contact (and entertain) their kids with devices is too much of a draw. (Kidscreen)