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Burger King France has launched a TikTok challenge to find its new “voice.”

Jul 27 2022

Burger King France has launched a TikTok challenge to find its new “voice.” Burger King France’s tagline—“Mmmmhhh Burger King”—has been running in the fast-food chain’s ads in the country since it was introduced in 2016 and has become synonymous with the brand. Now, the chain hopes to find the new official “Mmmmhhh Burger King” voice on TikTok: anyone in the country to recreate the phrase, post it on the social platform, and wait to be the new jingle. The brand is promoting the challenge with three 15-second TV and social media spots, each featuring a different voice being recorded in a studio by an increasingly frustrated producer. YPulse has found that Burger King in one of young Europeans’ favorite fast food restaurants, and while the food is of course the star, clever campaigns are drawing them in, too. Recent ads in Germany included one for its plant-based Whopper, which highlighted something else that, like the meatless burger, is also “more often confused with the original”—regular people that have the same names as celebrities—while another ad highlighted its commitment to freshness by removing one key element—images of the food itself. Meanwhile, in France, the fast-food chain announced the half-meat, half-plant-based Flexi Whopper with an ad that attempts to pre-empt any fears that the chain is going all-veggie by portraying rioting meat-lovers being calmed by a Burger King employee explaining that its classic burgers will stay on the menu. (Adweek)