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FutureCard is encouraging users who shop sustainably with rewards.

Jul 15 2022

FutureCard is encouraging users who shop sustainably with rewards. YPulse’s Sustainability report found that over a third of young consumers say they have changed the products they buy because of climate change and by purchasing from companies who prioritize sustainability, FutureCard card holders are given, “5% cash back on purchases from their sustainable brand and services partners, with 1% cash back for all other purchases.” Future, the parent of FutureCard, defines a purchase as green if it comes from a brand who emits a significantly smaller amount of carbon as opposed to alternative brands. The 5% cash back applies to Future’s fashion partner retailers like Reformation and For Days, but for some stores, it only applies to their second-hand collections. This includes, Levi’s SecondHand, Patagonia Worn Wear, The North Face Renewed, and Lululemon Like New. Other more familiar marketplaces Gen Z and Millennials can get the 5% cash back include Rent the Runway, ThredUp, and Poshmark. By working with brands young consumers know and love, FutureCard is hoping to encourage the act of buying second-hand directly from brands. (Glossy)