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TikTok is helping small businesses by launching an array of new tools for success.

Jul 14 2022

TikTok is helping small businesses by launching an array of new tools for success. The initiative is aiming to build brand presence on the app and is designed to help small businesses eventually become TikTok advertisers. The free Follow Me program “will offer guides to using TikTok’s range of business and creative tools, advertising and promotional features, as well as coaching from other small business owners.” The program will include a six week email series that walks them through the process of posting their first campaigns and how to best convey their brand’s story through short-form video. SMB’s will also learn “how to set up their Business accounts, how to access TikTok’s Creative Center for content inspiration and how to use other tools like TikTok’s Ads Manager and Promotion features.” Those who have already found success on the app will be considered “ambassadors” who will offer advice on how to reach TikTok’s large Gen Z and Millennial community. YPulse research shows young consumers’ favorite app strongly influences what they buy and the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt (currently at 16.1 billion views) continues to make products and businesses go viral. (TechCrunch)