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Gen Z has an affinity for ‘10s aesthetics—and may be giving Tumblr a second life.

Jul 07 2022

Gen Z has an affinity for ‘10s aesthetics—and may be giving Tumblr a second life. The peak of 2014’s Tumblr feeds involved moody Lana Del Rey quotes, grunge fashion with knee-high socks/skater skirts, and black and white NSFW gifs. Tumblr’s golden age provided a safe space for marginalized groups and young people who were passionate about their online aesthetics, but it was also a time that glorified self-harm and bullying. After a significant drop in user activity in 2018, Gen Z users are resurrecting the app with their nostalgia over ‘10s culture (and in protest of Elon Musk possibly taking over Twitter). “Fan cultures for newer shows like “Euphoria”…have also flourished on the site. And in meme culture, “Tumblr humor” – typified by a dry, absurdist and self-deprecatory wit – continues to circulate widely online.” YPulse research shows all the ways Gen Z is bringing old trends to light and how TikTok has influenced the reemergence of Tumblr aesthetics. Although a complete revival of the app will have to compete with TikTok as the platform has taken on a lot of the characteristics Tumblr was known for, i.e., social justice and underlying NSFW content. (TNW)