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Aldi has released a line of dupe perfumes that are going viral in the U.K.

Jul 06 2022

Aldi has released a line of dupe perfumes that are going viral in the U.K. The discount retailer is known for creating dupes of popular beauty and skincare products, which often go viral on TikTok as users share their cheap finds. Now, Aldi has released three perfume scents that are up to 95% cheaper than the luxury originals, and TikTokers spreading the dupe good fortune are getting thousands of views on their videos. YPulse’s recent WE Mass Merch Mentality trend report dives deep into how big box stores have provided young Europeans with affordable and accessible everything, altering their view of shopping, brands, and splurging. Now, unbranded is the new cool, and dupes of expensive products are arguably more coveted than the originals. Social media (and TikTok especially) has become a place for thrifty young consumers to share and browse content that’s all about finding the unsung gems in retail behemoths, including dupes. In fact, 37% of young Europeans have purchased a dupe version of a luxury product, and 37% of this cohort have found their dupe via social media. (Daily Record)