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Teachers are using emotional check-ins to better understand their students.

Jul 01 2022

Teachers are using emotional check-ins to better understand their students. More than a vibe-check, teachers are asking students how they feel at the start of their lessons and their answers are determining how the rest of class will proceed. They’re using Google Forms that feature 3 emojis: happy, straight (meh) face, and frowny face to gauge the emotional state of each student. They are also encouraged to write more details in an optional blank space and educators have surprisingly found some of the quieter students are opening up more than they would verbally. They’re sharing when they’re under a lot of stress, have bad news, and even positives like winning a soccer tournament. The results are ensuring students receive better one-on-one care and that they are being provided the resources they need to strive. For example, after opening up on the form, a teacher was able to refer a student to the school counselor. YPulse’s Education report data shows that when asked “what real-life skills are you interested in learning that your school is currently not teaching?”, a quarter of Gen Z and Millennials say emotional awareness and intelligence. (EdSurge)