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In status symbol 3.0 news: Tag Heuer’s new watches will display the NFTs the wearer owns. 

Jun 21 2022

In status symbol 3.0 news: Tag Heuer’s new watches will display the NFTs the wearer owns. While YPulse’s research found that the biggest appeals buying an NFT are the potential financial payoffs, the question of how NFT owners can show off their digital assets has been circulating, with Twitter and Instagram both jumping in to allow NFT displays. Now Tag Heuer is giving wearers a chance to broadcast their NFT ownership IRL, by displaying their collections on the face of the new Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smartwatches. “Users can securely connect to crypto wallets such as Metamask or Ledger Live” and the face of the watches will offer “three ways to display time while showcasing NFT artworks, operating with all the collections on Ethereum.” Tag Heuer’s CEO says of the future of NFTs, “We think that the wrist is a great place to display your NFT — to have it close to you but also as a way of authentication between members of the community, like a badge of honour, in a subdued way.” YPulse’s NFT research shows 13% of 25-39-year-olds have purchased an NFT, and brands coming up with creative ways they can showcase their collections is a way for them to enter the space in lieu of creating their own NFT drops. (Vogue Business)