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The way Millennial parents curate their baby registries is evolving.

Jun 17 2022

The way Millennial parents curate their baby registries is evolving. According to an Everyday Health Group survey, which surveyed more than 1,800 women in the U.S. who were either pregnant or had a baby who is 0-6-months-old, 75% of expecting parents create a baby registry, but how they curate those registries is evolving. Eighty-four percent are buying or registering for more essentials (like diaper wipes) versus nice-to-haves, while 63% of parents are trying to get by with less overall. In fact, the number of products that expecting parents register for went from 60 items in 2020 to 56 items in 2022. While online shopping is still the norm, over half (53%) of expecting parents still like visiting brick-and-mortar stores to research or test products in-person before finalizing their online registries. The most common products to test in-store include car seats (24%), strollers (21%), bottles (14%), travel systems (13%), and clothes and diaper bags (12% each). Meanwhile, the pandemic has impacted expecting parents’ baby product shopping, with 73% saying they have noticed the rising costs in products, while 63% say they have experienced out-of-stock or backordered items. (What to Expect)