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Millennial parents are worried about their children meeting milestones. 

Jun 09 2022

Millennial parents are worried about their children meeting milestones. According to a VTech and OnePoll survey, which spoke with 2,000 parents of kids ages 3 and under, 59% parents worry their babies aren’t meeting certain milestones. For instance, 65% of parents say they’re worried about their kids not being able to say “mama” or “dada” by their first birthday, while 29% of parents worry if their kids aren’t walking, feeding themselves, or smiling by a certain age. Meanwhile, 69% worry that their baby not meeting milestones will reflect negatively on them as parents. The survey found that 74% of parents try to stimulate their child’s development by introducing them to educational toys or games (54%) or feeding them healthy and enriching foods (51%). Forty-two percent choose to do “tummy time” with their baby to strengthen their neck and shoulders, 38% specifically look for toys that encourage movement, and 37% use imaginative games like coloring or building and verbally-stimulating activities like singing or reading to support their child’s development. (Newsweek)