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Social media is fueling young U.K. consumers’ interest in alternative hobbies.

Jun 02 2022

Social media is fueling young U.K. consumers’ interest in alternative hobbies. YPulse has long said that hobbies are an integral part of young peoples’ identities, and our recent WE Hobbies and Passions Report found that 61% are part of a group devoted to their hobby or passion. Meanwhile, our WE Religion and Spirituality report shows that, for many young Europeans, their passions have replaced religion in their lives. Now, recent research from Samsung shows that Gen Z is turning to TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to learn new, obscure hobbies, including bubble nails, rollerskating, and digital pet portraiture. Indeed, our WE The In-Between trend report found hobbies became even more important to Gen Z and Millennials during the pandemic, leading many to pick up viral pastimes such as DIY tufted rugs, at-home tie-dyed sweats, and viral recipes. The Samsung survey also found that 72% have been inspired to take up a new hobby as a direct result of watching clips on social media. (Samsung Newsroom)