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Ebay U.K. has launched an authenticity guarantee for secondhand luxury handbags.

Jun 02 2022

Ebay U.K. has launched an authenticity guarantee for secondhand luxury handbags. YPulse has long said that young consumers are redefining luxury, and our  WE luxury research found that young Europeans expect contemporary luxury brands to be more accessible in price, platform, and image—and that has led many to seek secondhand luxury. Now, the $40 billion resale market is booming and is expected to grow 15-20% in the next five years, causing luxury brands to Prada to Marks & Spencer to Burberry to open their own secondhand marketplaces. But on more widespread resale marketplaces such as Ebay and Depop, ensuring authenticity when purchasing a pre-loved item can be a gamble. To boost its luxury sales, Ebay is tackling this problem by expanding its authenticity guarantee to include pre-loved luxury handbags in the U.K. from 19 brands. Ebay launched its authenticity guarantee service for sneakers and watches last year and immediately saw a multimillion-pound boost in sales. And with a handbag selling every 15 seconds on the platform and 65% of handbags from luxury brands, the expansion of the guarantee is likely to boost sales again—and give luxury-seeking young Europeans a saver way into the market. (Fashion United)