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Inflation is having a massive impact on single parents.

May 12 2022

Inflation is having a massive impact on single parents. According to Oxfam research, more than half of single parents make less than $15 an hour—and with the price of groceries, gas, rent, and utilities increasing in the last year, many say they “are running out of places to cut costs.” Some single parents are choosing to skip meals so their kids have enough food, providing less healthy meals for their families, and cutting expenses to the point where “any unforeseen cost could mean more debt.” According to one single 33-year-old mother who is raising her two-year-old son, she was previously receiving food stamps, but was no longer eligible after she started working again. She’s had to make sacrifices including taking her son out of gymnastics, taking on extra work, and cutting back on certain meals. According to another single father: “It’s right down to the wire at the end of the month. I’m monitoring my servings, monitoring slices of bread, monitoring sticks of butter just to be sure.” According to YPulse’s Dating & Relationships report, 26% of Millennial parents are single. (CNN)