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Two in five AAPI LGBTQ+ youth have contemplated suicide in last year. 

May 10 2022

Two in five AAPI LGBTQ+ youth have contemplated suicide in last year. YPulse told you about the state of LGBTQ+ youth’s mental health—and according to a report from The Trevor Project, AAPI LGBTQ+ youth face an “outsize risk of suicide,” with 40% saying they have seriously considered suicide in the last year. Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian youth experienced the highest rate at 49%, followed by Korean American youth at 47%, and Filipino American youth at 41%. The report shows that more than half of AAPI LGBTQ+ youth have experienced discrimination based on their race in the last year, while AAPI who experience bias because of their race of immigration status reported “significantly higher rates” of attempting suicide in the last year compared to those who didn’t. However, the report also found that LGBTQ-affirming spaces and supportive family and friends appear to be a “buffer” against attempted suicide—and experts emphasize the need for more safe spaces where AAPI LGBTQ+ youth can find relief from discrimination. (NBC News)