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Kate Quinn is the “Supreme of baby clothes”—and Millennial moms can’t get enough. 

Apr 28 2022

Kate Quinn is the “Supreme of baby clothes”—and Millennial moms can’t get enough. While thriving online markets are not unusual for products like Supreme box logo sweatshirts and Hermès handbags, one brand is changing the game for baby clothes. Cue Kate Quinn, which offers more “refined items” like “ruffle-bum leggings with a pattern of garnet wisteria” and tops that come in gender-neutral hues with names like “twilight mauve,” “pearwood,” or “honey bee.” While the brand launched in 2006, it got a boost when Nordstrom and some other upscale baby boutiques started carrying the products. One of the brand’s most popular items are quilts, which come in a variety of patterns. In the last two years, the company has “bolstered” its site and hired dozens of employees while dealing with pandemic-related supply chain issues and shutdowns in their factory, which has led to putting a limit on the number of certain items that a customer can purchase. On social media, fans of the brand have formed groups to show off their hauls, bond over shopping sprees, and complain about what they can’t get. Since many of the clothes sell out quickly, many baby clothes flippers resell the products in buy/sell/trade groups for up to $70 and sometimes as high as $800 for a pair of sleep sacks, which typically retail for $45 each. According to one mom, Kate Quinn is more than just a clothing brand, but a community that has “brought all moms together.” (NYT)