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Young Europeans are tired of beauty brands’ “woke-washing.”

Apr 13 2022

Young Europeans are tired of beauty brands’ “woke-washing.” While the vast majority of young Europeans tell YPulse that all brands should do some good in the world, a new study reveals that 68% of U.K. consumers feel uneasy about health and beauty brands promoting “woke” causes. What’s more, one-in-four young Brits say brands that do this come across as inauthentic, and 58% just want beauty brands to “pay their taxes, treat people fairly, respect the environment and not use it as a PR opportunity.” YPulse’s WE causes, charity, activism research found that four-in-five young Europeans say that if a brand voices their support of a social issue, they should also be making an active effort to help the cause. Brands have a fine line to walk when it comes to supporting the causes young Europeans care about today—and they should strive to back up any “woke” campaigning with real action. (Martech Series)